Job searching


We spend a lot of time at work, that is why it is important to choose a job that suits us and that will be sustainable by the same token.

TROUSSO meets the needs of all job seekers and values every type of job by connecting jobs to people.

Our role is very different from a conventional placement agency. Providing high quality employability services by helping you to find meaningful and sustainable employment is our first priority. For which we work together with each individual, taking into account their needs and profile.

An employment specialist will be happy to answer you during service hours and make an appointment for you quickly.

Whether in private or in information sessions, we will keep you up to date with the latest job search methods and tools.


Curriculum Vitae

Too often we overlook the importance of the Curriculum Vitae in the job search process. However, it is the first tool that allows us to distinguish ourselves with employers and therefore to obtain an interview. During the hiring process, a first sorting of CVs takes place in just a few seconds. Hence the importance of demonstrating our skills and experiences and especially their links with the job sought. A CV is not a question of fashion. Take care to seek professional advice.


Counseling services

Our employment services aim to provide you with better tools to help you better plan and organize your job search. Finding a good job takes time and can seem complex. We will be able to clarify your situation, guide your action plan well and coach you to become the ideal job candidate!


Young Volunteers

The “Jeunes Volontaires” program is an Emploi Québec measure that allows young people between the ages of 16 and 29 to carry out a project of personal interest. This project which is close to your heart will allow you to develop new personal and professional skills: self-confidence, organization, autonomy, discovery of your strengths are just some of the assets that you will develop. In parallel, the “Jeunes Volontaires” program also aims to help the program participant to target a job or return to school objective. Jeunes Volontaires is an excellent springboard for going further into the job market. Learn more by subscribing to our “Jeunes Volontaires” Facebook page.



Having an interview is often synonymous with stress and discomfort in the job search process. Our team will help you make it a positive experience and a source of success. Preparing well means knowing how to face questions, being able to explain more complex facts and providing adequate answers. Preparing for the interview also means understanding the employer's point of view and the content of a job offer. Our advice and coaching will help you prepare and be more comfortable during your next interviews.


Understanding the job market

The job market is changing very quickly, as is the job search. Computer technology is a good example of this, and sometimes getting around it can seem complex. Trades and professions are evolving; some sectors are more in demand than others. Understanding the job market, being well informed for today and tomorrow, is also knowing more about the requirements of employers, their hiring criteria and the job prospects associated with them. Beyond this complexity of the job market, our team will focus on the different elements that are related to your worker profile to offer you a targeted job search according to your needs and aspirations.


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