Professional reflection

Know yourself better and explore the possibilities

Questions about the future of a job are frequent. They occur at different times in our professional journey; whether as a result of an unforeseen interruption of employment, a personal questioning or when a dream of employment is not realized.

It is also possible to question your work in order to find better advancement opportunities, to take up new challenges or to better adapt your job to your personal life.

There are many reasons why we should think about our professional future and explore other employment or training possibilities. Taking time for professional reflection means allowing yourself to target work that best suits you. Finally, finding a job that meets our needs and that respects our worker personality is the guarantee of greater well-being.

The employment counselors at TROUSSO help you shed light on your employment possibilities by carrying out with you a review of your achievements and your work experiences.

They help you target your interests and your expectations for a next job and guide you in developing an action plan according to the reality of the job market and its requirements. This action plan can also lead you to a training or development project. The employment counselor will be able to inform you, support you and guide you in your career reorientation process.


Professional brainstorming sessions

The professional brainstorming sessions offer several exercises to help you define your interests, your skills, your different knowledge and your work values. They provide a framework for your questioning, allowing you to question the key elements of your worker profile. These professional sessions will help you to clarify your working future since self-discovery is necessary to take the right direction of employment.

Mastering your preferences

We are certified to provide the Myers-Briggs Psychological Type Indicator (MBTI), based on more than 50 years of research. Through a short self-assessment questionnaire, you will find out how you prefer to get information, make decisions and manage your life; essential elements for a deep professional reflection. Since each person has their preferences, the MBTI helps you to know yourself better and also to understand and improve your interpersonal relationships at work.

Advisory services

Our employability consulting services help you make good professional choices, while allowing you to define a short or longer term employment project. We offer listening and support in your professional thinking to help you question the right elements, better reflect on your employment situation and take the time necessary to find answers to your questions. The objective is to clarify your employment situation and identify avenues to consider to improve your professional future or to carry out a career change.

Transferability of skills

The transferability of skills requires, during your professional reflection, to assess all the various skills and experiences, but also to think differently about their usefulness. Thanks to our vast experience in employability, we are able to analyze your professional background. We will be able to highlight them so that you can better exploit them within other more interesting and advantageous employment prospects.

Collaboration with professional resources

As part of a professional reflection or a career reorientation, defining a job or training project is a crucial step. Realizing it is another. The search for information and the steps taken require a significant investment in terms of money, but also of time and energy. We work closely with several professionals and resources to help you carry out your action plan. Are you aiming for a new job objective or considering training in another field? We make it easier for you to make your action plan a success.

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