Skills at work


Throughout our professional career, whatever our job or function, we sometimes encounter difficult work contexts, drawing all our energy. This is why TROUSSO Direction Emploi offers training on personal skills. Our training focuses on knowledge and the development of new skills at work to better deal with different situations. Developing new interpersonal skills and getting to know yourself better can also have a positive influence on others and encourage more harmonious continuity in the workplace.

Our training and development workshops tend as close as possible to the different realities encountered in the workplace. To better meet your needs, we adapt our training content as appropriate to your employment context. It is therefore possible to submit your questions to us confidentially or to share with us the difficulties encountered, before the training.

Our work skills training courses are offered in a single meeting, lasting between 3 and 4 hours, depending on the theme. Information, readings, exercises, discussions, scenarios and several possible solutions are offered to you. For teams in the workplace, we adapt the schedules according to your needs.


Know how to communicate in the workplace

Communication is a key element of work skills. She is at the heart of our relationships with our colleagues and our employers. Good communication therefore has a very positive impact on our ability to work in a team and contributes to better human relations. Simple and effective tools and advice are offered during this training workshop to help you optimize your communication and benefit from it daily in your workplace.


Being in control of your stress

There are many sources of stress at work. They are difficult to avoid or eliminate. We all know the negative impact that a large amount of stress can have on us, so how do we prevent and avoid this stress? How to manage it? The skills training workshop at work allows us to take a step back on our personal relationship with stress, it also makes it possible to assess the real impact and develop skills allowing us to propose solutions adapted to different situations.


Avoid conflicts at work

Conflicts at work have a real impact on our well-being. Work demands a lot of ourselves and carrying out our daily tasks in a negative context undoubtedly undermines our energy. It is possible to cultivate and favor a more positive work environment and a better climate. Developing personal skills at work contributes to better managing, coping with and avoiding conflict situations. The goal of this training is to improve your relationships with colleagues and employers.


Adapting to changes and transitions

Our ability to follow the movement at work is essential in a constantly changing world. Do you often resist change? What is your ability to follow these movements? How can you adapt better? What are you missing to facilitate your adaptation to different employment contexts, events and, finally, how to live situations of change and transition with more ease and confidence? This skills training workshop offers you the opportunity to listen to your concerns, as well as to assess and develop your ability to adapt together.


Work-life balance

For years, we have heard of work-life balance. The theme is still relevant. How can we achieve a better balance between all the components of our life and our current or future employment? A break time is essential. This work skills and development workshop offers a look at your personal situation. For everyday well-being, it suggests practical solutions and recommendations that are easy to apply in your employment reality.


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