Trousso Direction Emploi

A return to training, why not?

Skills development is usually done on the job, but of course this is only possible when the conditions are right.  We all know that a diploma is a well-recognized skill.  Therefore, training can be your solution to increase or develop new skills.

A short course of training will help you fill a gap in experience or knowledge with the requirements you encounter in the labour market.

Training in a completely different field than the one you have known up to now will help you realize your professional dream.

Regardless of your choice of training, qualifying or requalifying is always an excellent step in the right direction of employment.

Wondering where to start?  You're quite right. There are many questions, thoughts and steps to take when thinking about returning to training.

That's why at Trousso Direction Emploi we take your situation in hand. We will help you analyse your work experience, target your professional choice and your needs, inform you of the available training courses and their correspondence with the job market for a given position.

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