Trousso Direction Emploi

Increasing your training = get a quality job

Too often we limit our employment opportunities to what we have known and we do not dare to think about a return to training in a completely new field. The context of the pandemic prompts many of us to think differently.  Training can also be the solution for you, giving a new breath and a new direction for your career.

There are many sectors that offer excellent job prospects. We are thinking of the construction sector, the health sector, the computer industry and new technologies, but that's not counting all the jobs that are closely or remotely related to these sectors in demand.

In the top 10 vacancies at the end of 2020:  Early childhood educators and assistants; Nurses; Nurses' aides; Health care aides; Beneficiary attendants; but also: Information and customer service attendants; Security agent in industrial and commercial environments; Automotive esthetician; Administrative support in the health sector and many others.

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